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Have you ever asked who can I engage to run my Facebook Page and the subsequent marketing?

We Do Social Media Marketing!

Is what happens when you align The Customer Service Movement a business that develops businesses to sell,
market and communicate with integrity – with The Office Girl Australia – a business that focuses setting up
and conducting the administrative and project management tasks of your business.


When you need to connect, communicate and promote your business on Social Media

You know that Social Media is important to your business.

You know that your competitors may be “bigger” than you online and have a bigger following on Social Media.

You know that if you could just understand how to make it all work then you would generate more customers for your business…but it all seems to hard!

Unlike other Social media marketers and managers out there, our strategy is around content which is current and consistent.

When done correctly you can build the foundation to expand your business using effective targeting strategies, not being adopted by all businesses.

Social Media is meant to be social. If you would like your Facebook Page to resemble the classifieds then we are not going to be able to help you.

However if you would like your page to entertain, educate and then be able to convert from effective social selling, then CONTACT US and let’s chat.

We can’t and won’t help everyone.

The process of all new clients is to establish your expectations and then present what we can do to assist. If there is any doubt in your mind or ours, we will shake hands (sometimes virtually) and wish each other well.

On the other hand if you like us and we can see how we can assist you grow your business, then we will get cracking!